Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pagan Pride Days

All over the country this week are local Pagan Pride Days. Though I have never had the pleasure of attending an event, I look forward to it next year. I look at the event as a chance to network with others, and learn from them. I was raised with the ideal that "Knowledge is Power". I always strive to learn the most I can about different topics that arise in life.

I look at the event as a way to learn more about ritual, tradition, tools, and many other aspects of my path and other Pagan Paths. And acquire this from these people. "By Pagans, For Pagans"

I don't think that such an event is equal to "ramming" it down peoples' throats. IF they don't want to know it, don't go to it. I have never heard of a Pagan that goes door to door to "teach" the Pagan way. By my personal opinion, is just that an opinion.

I can't wait til next year, the only choice I have to make...should I just attend, or should I vend??

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  1. Somewhat unrelated to your post, I thought I would let you know you've been nominated for an award!